Wiesman Consulting Ltd is a British company that was started with the aim of creating
an effective connecting platform between the British Healthcare Sector
( NHS National Health Service ), the Pharmaceutical Companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector,
and the job market.

The company combines many years of experience in the healthcare sector and its respective
fields ( chemical-pharmaceutical, hospital and clinical ) – with a team of experts
who, not suprisingly , are the contact people of choice for the world’s major
service providers *.

Many recruitment companies see us as a young, dynamic and reliable organisation, with an agreement
between parties which is unique in the world due to its special
clause **, which gives security to the end users
and to recruitment companies, as well as international credibility to Wiesman Consulting.

Our name does not represent a recruitment agency. We can, in fact, define ourselves as
a modern agency offering important services in the British healthcare sector,
both public and private. We collaborate with the most important companies worldwide operating
in the healthcare sector* and with the main pharmacy chains such as Boots, LLoyds and Superdrug,
as well as with all the hospitals which are part of the British National Health Service Nhs.

The major international companies *trust us with the recruitment of qualified personnel
for their vacant positions and to sign important work contracts.

All public and hospital pharmacies are looking for qualified personnel to work in their offices
and they rely on the work of Wiesman Consulting to select the most suitable people.

World Pharmaceutical Companies commission important assignments to our Company,
giving us the mandate to find the most appropriate profiles to add to their staff for
research, development and production.

Thanks to our services, we represent the link between the worldwide companies in this sector
and qualified personnel. Our services go beyond the simple selection
and training of qualified personnel.

We look for professionals from the United Kingdom and all over the world,
including the non-European community. We assess curricula, work experience and
professional skills, in order to give our customers*
the most qualified and suitable professionals. Moreover, we offer bureaucratic assistance for those
who come from outside the United Kingdom, in order to facilitate their access to the UK professional market.


* List of pharmaceutical companies which collaborate with us and rely on our services

The list is not complete

Novartis GlaxoSmithKline Bayer BristolMyers
Novonordisk Bausch & Lomb Allergan Pfizer
Solvey Menarini Alcon Sankyo
Merck Teva Shering Baxter international
Boehringewr Ingelheim Astra zeneca Merk & Co Sanofi – Aventis
Hoffman – La Roche Abbot Laboratories